Sofa Upholstery

Sofa Upholstery Los Angeles is an upholstery shop specializing sofas, cushions, chairs, and other furniture.  We have been in the furniture upholstery since 1980. We also provide redesigned and high-end custom furniture that is affordable and long-lasting for both residential and commercial establishments.

Service at Sofa Upholstery Los Angeles ranges from custom fabrics to repairing to restoring to reupholstering both indoor and outdoor furniture. In addition to our regular service, we also provide down cushions, leathers, fabrics, fabric showroom, sofa replacement, foam, cushion replacement, foam, upholstery fabric, vinyl for upholstery, chair pads, patio cushions, custom pillows, cushions, cushion covers, and more.

Our sofa upholstery services include flipping and plumping, sofa repairs, refreshing existing foam with a new Dacron wrap, replacing the existing foam with “ultra- foam”, replacing the covers of sofas, and many more. Our furniture repair and reupholstering services include re-webbing, loose springs, broken chairs, strip and refinishing furniture, furniture modifications, headboards, custom beds, ottomans, table ottomans, storage ottomans, and much more. Sofa Upholstery Los Angeles also offers warranty and designer upholstery services for several high-end furniture companies and yacht companies.


Has the foam of your sofa saggy, flat, or have gone muddy? Do you want to restore your sofa to its original condition? Are you looking for a professional sofa upholstery service provider? Call us! Our highly experienced and skilled craftspeople ready to get to work on your project. We also collaborate with independent designers to provide our customers with great fashion, design, and choices for all of upholstery needs and ideas. Delivering exceptional customer service is what makes us unique. We have completed hundreds of furniture upholstery jobs over several years with an impressive list of satisfied customers. Sofa Upholstery Los Angeles is successful because we listen to our clients and provide them the best about quality and craftsmanship they deserve.

Whether it’s replacing the sofa upholstery or designing a custom cushion or restoring your antique furniture back to its original state, call us now for a free inspection or consultation.