Couch Repair

Couch Repair Los Angeles is upholstery services business providing various upholstery products, upholstery fabrics, and reupholstering services in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. We have been in the upholstery and fabric business since 1985 and our specialization includes upholstery, decorative accessories and reupholstering of sofas, cushions, chairs, and other furniture.


The couch is common furniture in homes, and the upholstery of your cushion or couch, it will eventually tear, wear out. Therefore, it is necessary that you repair or replace the upholstery when necessary. Our furniture repair and reupholstering services include upholstery, refinishing, furniture repair, stuffing, restoration, headboards, wall upholstery, custom furniture, reupholstery services, commercial upholstery, upholstery fabrics, gym pads, doctor tables upholstery, doctor chairs repair, and many more.

Repairing or reupholstering your couch is complicated and time-consuming.  So, we recommend you only hire experienced cushion or furniture upholsterer like Couch Repair Los Angeles. In addition to couch repairs and furniture reupholstery service, we also offer draperies, curtains, decorative accessories, upholstery, new furniture, custom headboards, window hardware, sofas, cushions, chairs, pillows, shams, duvets & comforters, bedskirts, foam core cushions, and much more.

Providing great customer service, unmatched quality, and exception quality craftsmanship at the lowest rates is what has made us a household in the furniture upholstery business in Los Angeles. Our upholstery is found in motorcycles, boats, yachts, and furniture as well as in the interior decorations of residential and commercial buildings. Couch Repair Los Angeles is determined to deliver our customers the highest level of professionalism and quality in the industry. Our goal is to build our business by delighting and satisfying our clients.

We are always working hard to understand what our customers want and provide solutions that exceed their expectations.  We have completed hundreds of furniture upholstery jobs over the past several years with an impressive list of satisfied customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for couch upholsterer with the guarantee of the highest quality craftsmanship at the best rate, call Couch Repair Los Angeles today. We have thousands of positive reviews and feedback from thousands of satisfied customers.  So, email or call to schedule a visit or free consultation in our showroom.