Leather Upholstery Los Angeles

Leather Upholstery Los Angeles is a family owned and wholesale leather company in Los Angeles. We have been in the leather upholstery business for more than 17 years. We are the largest online source of premium upholstery leather especially cowhide leather to various upholstery service providers and the general public. We are a second generation leather company and we started our leather upholstery business by selling our products online with a small leather shop on eBay back in 2004. Since then we have expanded exponentially and today regarded as one of the largest leather upholstery businesses in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

At Leather Upholstery Los Angeles, our services include selling leather upholstery for all kind of purposes. Our fine leather upholstery can be found in living rooms all over the world.  Our customers use our upholstery leather hides for furniture, handbags, walls, boats, yachts, custom cars and countless other leathercraft items.  Thousands of customers have purchased fine leather from our state-of-the-art stores at wholesale prices. We believe in delivering exceptional quality and unmatched customer service and this is the reason our customers keep coming back!

What You Can Expect from Leather Upholstery Los Angeles

Leather Upholstery Los Angeles is more than just a leather shop just around the corner! We are committed to treating every customer fairly. We are continuously striving to provide great value and savings every day.  We only sell upholstery leather hides that meet or exceed industry standards. All of our leather upholstery products come along with the highest quality along with excellent customer service. If you face any problem or have any issues regarding our leather upholstery hides call us and we will gladly provide technical support through email. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your queries on the phone Monday through Friday.

If you are looking for the finest and highest quality leather upholstery in Los Angeles at the most competitive prices, we invite you to visit our incredible customer gallery or Kyson Leather on eBay. We have thousands of positive reviews and feedback from thousands of satisfied customers.  Visitors are welcome in our showroom so email or call to schedule a visit.