Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles

Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles

To reupholster or not to reupholster? It’s indeed the question you have to answer every few years or so, especially if you’re a homeowner in LA. Upholstering furniture versus buying new replacements can be a tough call. Sentimental value and furniture value play huge roles in your decision making. To give you peace of mind, we at Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles are more than happy to help you figure this out.

If you’re from LA, you may already know our well established highly sought after service at Los Angeles Upholstery.  Our skilled craftspeople have won numerous awards and known to the industry to be among the best furniture artisans in the world. We take pride in our home city of Los Angeles being able to deliver such high-quality service – from inside to outside furniture, custom fabrics to window treatments, flooring to carpet revamps. We understand your concern. We get what you need and want. Let us do the work for you, and we guarantee you in writing that you’ll never be dissatisfied.

What’s with reupholstering furniture in Los Angeles, CA? Is the spring in that cozy sofa you love curling up on now poking your bum? Or is it your favorite settee that you don’t want to get rid of?  So what will you do? If the once lustrous fabric covering of your divan is now ripped and stained, we got you covered.  I bet you wouldn’t throw away a chair given to you by a loved one.  Even if the paddings are all worn out, you won’t let it go just like that. And no amount of shiny, new chairs can replace that special one. And what if it’s your favorite print that you just don’t feel like throwing away? So, what now?

Isn’t it better to just buy new things and get rid of the old? If it’s about money or quality, then custom upholstery is the right solution on both fronts.  Custom upholstery, when done correctly is new because we completely strip the furniture and rebuild it again using the highest quality materials with the best available craftsmanship.  Los Angeles Upholstery custom upholstery is the highest quality in the world which is why Los Angeles Upholstery has always had a lifetime guarantee on everything we do. The only thing less expensive than custom upholstery is the cheapest chinese furniture in the world; so which one would you rather have?Reupholster Couch Los Angeles

Shopping for custom upholstery is fun! You get to choose one of a million available fabrics in the world.  You get to custom design your existing furniture to make it exactly how you always wanted your dream furniture to be.  We can add, change, modify, or delete anything extra at little or no cost, because when we upholster your furniture we completely strip it and rebuild it again however you want.  This is fun and exciting, especially when you get to see the fruits of working with the most talented designers available in the world today.

Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles can pick up your chair from your home, upholster it to your liking, and boom! You now have an old-new valuable piece of Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles to enjoy. And you know what’s even better? We provide a competitive price range for our service. We guarantee the lowest price because we do all our own work, we don’t send anything out, we are your direct Los Angeles home interiors workroom.

Living in LA is not cheap, so you would want to practice smart spending habits. With our cost-effective price tag, we make sure you get top-notch service without breaking your wallet.

I believe that one of the best (if not the best) benefits of upholstering furniture is cost efficiency.   In a single move, you get to preserve your sofa and give it a fresh look at a lower price.

So, don’t endure your worn out, stained, or ripped pieces of furniture. Give us a call, and we can turn your furniture back into your dream furniture.

Upholstery retains the furniture’s sentimental and actual value. You don’t just get rid of your sofa just because it’s dirty or falling apart. What you do is call a reliable and trusted upholstery service provider to fix it for you. For LA folks, Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles is the name you can trust.

Yes, we can add, change, modify, or delete anything on your existing furniture to give it an updated look that many of the new furniture designs have in the market today.   Reupholstering furniture in Los Angeles – by a tried-and-tested company like us – is easier on the pocket. You can also achieve your end goal without breaking a sweat.

Furniture pieces in the past are sturdy and have a classic look. If that’s what you have, I understand why you want to preserve the quality of the furniture. Old pieces are timeless. And with a little help from us, we can bring them back to life so that you and the next generation can still use and enjoy them.

There are some very talented people in our world, and with those that can do upholstery I applaud you, but for most I don’t recommend DIY upholstery projects because if you’re not skilled enough; 1) You can do more damage than good, and 2) There is a lot of machinery and equipment involved and if you’re not skilled enough, you can hurt yourself, and 3) the cost of individually buying all the supplies, tools, machinery, and equipment for your particular project is not cost effective.  We work on a larger economy of scale allowing us to provide you extremely competitive pricing.  If you see that your furniture needs to be “rescued,” ask for help. Give us a call.

When it comes to upholstery, your best option is to get professional help. We are your furniture doctors – experts who can ensure your things are treated meticulously and beautifully. We also throw in great suggestions here and there.

With Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles, you can expect first-class service with first-rate care and attention.  Our skilled craftspeople are connoisseurs in the field and have extensive experience working with furniture.  By removing rundown springs and webs, replacing torn or stained fabrics, refurbishing dull and scratched material, we expertly restore your furniture.  Our salespeople and designers are trained to provide our customers the World’s Best Customer Service.

Let Us Do the Work for You

Furniture upholstery is a fantastic way of giving old, sentimental pieces of furniture a brand new look. If the padding of your prized bed or sofa is discolored or in tatters, you don’t have to get rid of it. Just get in touch with us – Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles – and tell us if you want the old one replaced with a similar option, or give it a fresh look with a different style or fabric.

Call us and let us know what you need. We don’t just focus on sofas, tables, and dining chairs. We also deal with headboards, ottomans, and sectionals. In fact, if you want to refurbish your outdoor furniture pieces, we can do that too!

Our good reputation in LA is a needle of how we work. We gain loyal customers because we have the best workers to do the job. Our craftspeople are trained in the art of furniture. Each member of our team is more than capable of handling what you need. We also have excellent customer service so don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

Another great thing about Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles is that we don’t just provide upholstery services for homes in LA. We also handle commercial projects around Los Angeles. This means we can give your office or restaurant a look that screams “new, new, and new!” Just think about it – your business will benefit from a design that is an investment and easy on the eyes.

It’s your call from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you envision the reupholstered furniture will look like. We won’t disappoint you because we’re an honest bunch of workers. If what you want is impossible to do – we tell you upfront. But we still won’t let you down because we’ll present you with great ideas and alternatives you can choose from.

Still undecided if you can afford our services? Don’t worry. We also offer free estimates! We won’t pressure you into doing business with us. We’ll just show you how our service is the best you can have. With our free quotes, you can easily decide how to accommodate the service into your budget.

We also offer other services like window treatments that include custom draperies, shutters, and blinds. We are a licensed contractor with carpets and flooring, too. We even make custom furniture!

Together we can achieve the look, style, and feel you want to achieve. Furniture Reupholstery Los Angeles is your workroom. You will experience first-rate customer service from each and every one of us. For your residential or commercial upholstery needs, we are the best you can reach.

Through one home and office at a time, we’re making Los Angeles residences and buildings world-class. Get the upholstery service you need without breaking the bank. We would love to hear from you. Call us today at 1-323-425-9090. You may also send us an email at You’ll get a fast response either way.

Don’t let your furniture pieces make you feel uncomfortable. Give us a ring so we can do a free in-home consultation.Come on. Pick up the phone now.