Slipcovers Los Angeles

Slipcovers Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles can be quite expensive. This is why residents always find ways of improving their homes without spending a lot. If you want to shake up the look and feel of any room without breaking your wallet, there’s one simple solution: look for a slipcovers Los Angeles provider where you can get hold of high-quality, brand-new slipcovers.

I always thought slipcovers had some magic in them. They can transform the appearance of a room in a snap.  One of the main purposes of a custom slipcover is their washability; so it’s important to choose a fabric that is very washable such as the denim in your jeans.  At Slipcovers Los Angeles you have a choice of styles for your slipcovers from Shabby Chic to custom tailored.  Most of our clients choose slipcovers that are very custom tailored and look as if your furniture had in fact been upholstered.

One of our designers here has 3 boys and when I overheard her tell a customer that she has snow white denim slipcovers I was kinda shocked because I was certain they would get filthy super fast with 3 boys.  However, she told me that they are a blessing because all she does is put them in the with bleach and they come out perfectly clean again. They update old, worn-out seats. They also protect furniture pieces from stains and scratches. If you’re from LA, there’s only one company that can satisfy your needs and fit your budget. Get your slipcovers from Slipcovers Los Angeles – the best local provider of slipcovers in an array of colors, fabrics and value.

Los Angeles Slipcovers has been servicing the City of Angels since 1947. That means we’ve accumulated more than half a century’s worth of experience, skills, and talents in everything furniture related.  Our expert and seasoned craftspeople handle furniture repair, upholstery, reupholstery, window treatments, window coverings, custom slipcovers and a lot more. Our proficiency makes us the premier choice all around LA. We are proud of our exceptional customer service and endeavor to present our clients with a superb experience as we turn their dream design into a reality.Slipcovers Los Angeles

Our slipcovers Los Angeles services mainly consist of creating unique covers for any kind of furniture. Our custom-made covers are immaculately fitted, delivering an appearance of upholstered furniture minus the expensive price tag. We can design and create any kind of cover you want to match the overall design and look you’re aiming for. If you want a loose-fitting style without it looking inferior or untidy, we can create that for you. If you want an exceptionally fitted slipcover (where you can’t even tell it’s actually a cover!), we can also make that happen.

The idea is to tell us the look and style you want to achieve, and we’ll take the burden off your shoulders. We are more than happy to provide professionally-made slipcovers for both our residential and commercial clients.

So before you throw that stained and tattered couch out to the curb, think about using a slipcover to improve and modernize its look. Less costly than upholstering your couch and definitely a fraction of the price of a brand new sofa, our slipcovers Los Angeles services can help you create an exciting new look for your room. Slipcovers are available in just as many designs as sofas themselves.

The fact is, it is possible to fully replace the look of the couch by covering it with new fabric. So if you’re tired of looking at your dated, neon-colored sofa, you can cover it with a modern, trendy slip. Yet another reason to acquire our slipcover services is to change the texture of your old furniture. We offer materials in different textures like velvet, lush, suede, denim, and even leather.

You may also opt for a new slipcover to protect your couch from spots and stains – especially if you have a kid or a pet. It is also an excellent option if you love variety. With Slipcover Los Angeles’s help, you can easily change slipcovers as often as you’d like and because we offer a competitive price range, you can even buy different ones to suit your seasonal decor.

Los Angeles Slipcovers has been a trusted local company in LA for decades now. Through the years, we’ve won different awards from industry experts and received accolades from our peers. We make sure that we provide the best service for each and every one of our clients. We guarantee that our main goal is to deliver 110% customer satisfaction.

We don’t just see you as another client. We see you as our collaborators, our co-designers. Together, we’ll make sure that the end product satisfies your needs and even exceeds your expectations. Every member of our design team can be considered as a jack-of-all-trades. We carry fabrics from every major fabric company in the world, so your selection is almost endless.

Our slipcovers Los Angeles services are fashioned for both residential and commercial furniture. We create gorgeous slipcovers for residential homes and professional-looking (but still fun) covers for commercial venues like office spaces, hotels and inns, theaters, dining places, hospitals and even churches. Los Angeles Slipcovers can make slipcovers for couches, lift chairs, ottomans, recliners, settees, chaise lounges, bar stools and more. We can also customize covers for sectional sofas, sofa beds, loveseats and benches.

Since slipcovers are available and can be customized in different sizes, it’s crucial to get the exact measurements of your furniture pieces. This is very important if you want a fitted, tailored look. But even for a laidback feel, the correct measurements matter. This is an area that most furniture owners cringe about.

On your own, measuring a furniture piece can be a challenge. But with us, you won’t have to fuss over length, width, and dimensions. Give us a call, and we’ll expertly handle the measurements for you. You don’t have to worry about possible charges when consulting with one of our people. Ask any of our clients throughout LA, and you’d get the guarantee that we offer at-home estimates for free. We can only do proper estimates if we take measurements. We do that during our consultation. Basically, you won’t just have exact furniture measurements, you’ll also receive an estimate of how much the slipcovers would cost.


We are at Your Service

With custom-made slipcovers, Los Angeles Slipcover services will guarantee that you do not just have functional covers, but fashionable ones, too.

We can produce a slipcover that suits any style or design, whether you like a clean, contemporary look, a classic and timeless appeal, or a unique and fancy feel. We can customize fitted patterns that hug the furniture snugly and feature flawless aesthetics. To take it up a notch, our craftspeople are also into details.  We can add contrasting decorative trim to add to the visual appeal of the furniture pieces and accent their lines. We can also incorporate embellishments like zippers.

Our slipcovers are specially created from high-quality fabrics that are conveniently washable. We also make it a point to design covers fashioned in a way that they can be effortlessly slipped onto the furniture piece. But more than anything, our slipcovers Los Angeles services make it easier for you to translate your preferences and ideas into actual, usable covers.

With Slipcovers Los Angeles , you can expect the world’s best customer service and support with a lifetime guarantee.  We don’t just turn your ideas into a reality, we also provide a lifetime guarantee.  Our gifted and experienced workers are referred to as furniture “pros.” Using our services means making certain you’ll enjoy the very best.


Aside from custom-made slipcovers, we’re also recognized for our first-rate customer service. We truly enjoy collaborating with our clients to help them achieve the look and feel they want for their residential and commercial properties. Any member of our team can readily answer questions about our products and services. We also share our knowledge on how to better care for your slipcovers and give tips on the aftercare of our products.  Acquiring our services to make long-lasting slipcovers is a smart decision.

Get in touch with us and you can look at the various designs we already have as well as our different fabrics. As I mentioned above, we can also come up with a new, unique design just for your furniture. The options are plenty and you can obtain several selections that are all within budget friendly options.

Los Angeles Slipcovers is at your service. Our craftspeople are competent in everything to do with furniture. So get the slipcovers you dream of without overspending your budget.

So, what are you waiting for?

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