Upholstery Los Angeles

Upholstery Los Angeles

Maybe you received a beloved sofa from your parents and wanted to keep it, but it’s not the right design or pattern.  Perhaps you have a nice-looking headboard that is now tattered.  Reupholstering is a great way of reviving old furniture pieces and turning them into brand new pieces. If you’re in LA and are in need of the best upholstery Los Angeles provider, Los Angeles Upholstery is at your service.

A professional, experienced and established local upholstery company – like Los Angeles Upholstery – can breathe new life into your aging or damaged pieces of furniture. As the oldest custom upholstery shop in Los Angeles, our team’s combined years of experience and knowledge can handle whatever form of furniture repair you need.

We are the best upholstery Los Angeles provider because we are a group of creative and customer-friendly artisans. Our seasoned craftspeople are skillful in delivering custom-made furniture. Not only do we rely on our collective experience, but we also make sure we are updated on the ins and outs of our industry so we can provide all ranges of design – from classic to contemporary, vintage to futuristic.

As the go-to furniture repair provider in Los Angeles, we are the pros in dealing with high-value furniture pieces like antiques. We make certain each line, nook and cranny of the piece is well-maintained with the right kind of treatment and care. We can expertly refurbish antique pieces with the same skills and expertise we use in handling modern repairs.Upholstery Los Angeles

As the top upholstery service provider in LA, we make it a point to prioritize the needs of our clients at all times. I assure you that we do not only deliver the best output, we also value and uphold customer care and support. If you’re having difficulty deciding on a particular design or have a hard time choosing the right fabric, we’re more than willing to provide our knowledge to help you make an informed decision. You can count on us to aid you in figuring out what you want, so you end up with pieces that reflect your personality (home) or your vision (business).

The standards that Upholstery Los Angeles maintains means that all the upholstery in Los Angeles exceeds the standards of any other possible manufactured factory furniture.  If you own well-made furniture with sturdy structures, you can save a small fortune as time goes on by reupholstering them once a part gets damaged or the fabric gets old. Some people think that if a single piece of a furniture set breaks, they need to replace everything. But, if you choose Reupholstery Los Angeles then repairing the damaged piece means keeping the set together to its highest possible standard and condition.

Shopping for brand new furniture today you’ll be misled by elaborate exteriors that hide the cheap mass produced pieces. While the furniture set may look great in the showroom, they will be unable to stand the test of time.

Hiring an upholstery service is a practical, cost-effective and smart alternative. You wouldn’t want to throw away a good quality item just because it’s dirty or in need of a good makeover, right? All you need to do is give Los Angeles Upholstery a call, and we’ll take the burden off your shoulder.  We help you preserve the sentimental value while updating your home’s interior design. We’re also a one-stop shop since we provide different types of furniture services. We do upholstery and reupholstery, draperies and window coverings, carpet and flooring, and custom furniture.

We’ve been serving the Los Angeles area since 1947. Think about it – we won’t last this long if we only deliver mediocre services. With Los Angeles Upholstery, you can be assured that you’ll receive top quality end products, far better than that of our competitors. And because we are 110% sure of the quality of our work, we also offer a lifetime guarantee and the most competitive price range in the area.

One of the many reasons why locals patronize our service is because of the selections we offer. Apart from accepting custom work, we also provide a wide selection of fabrics to choose from. We carry fabrics from every major fabric company in the world not just traditional ones, but modern textiles and materials great for window coverings and draperies. Visit our showroom, and you’ll be immersed with thousands of fabric types, patterns, and colors. Whatever design vision or idea you have in mind, rest assured that we have the materials to make it a reality.

Most people want to change their furniture set to match the season or a special event. If this is the case, we can make you a Los Angeles slipcover that you can reuse every year. A custom slipcover in Los Angeles is more economical than buying a new furniture set. We’ll work with you to decide on the best fabric to fit your seasonal decor. We’ll even teach you how to clean the covers so you can use them for a long, long time.

If you’re looking for the best upholstery Los Angeles provider to update your furniture, look no further.  Los Angeles Upholstery specializes in both residential and commercial projects. Our craftspeople have years of experience in both areas.  Our local company does outstanding commercial work for many LA businesses, small and large. Over the years, we’ve handled upholstery for restaurants, bars, hotels, office spaces and the like. We make sure that the end products match the theme and vision of the business. Whatever niche you’re a part of, we can deliver the custom design you want – beautiful pieces of furniture with professional quality that elevate the look and feel of your company.

The furniture pieces in a commercial space – particularly tables and chairs – play an important part in the general feel of the place. You would like your clients to feel at ease, even impressed, when they see your office space, right?  Custom made furniture pieces help you keep a favorable reputation. And if you pay careful interest to your office furniture, you’re already one step ahead of your competition.

Most people are unaware of what can be done with an old furniture piece. There’s a lot of ways to transform or redesign furniture to make it your dream furniture that you have always wanted. Given Upholstery Los Angeles’s decades of experience, we can build, reconstruct and even alter the design of a piece to give it a brand new look. This is beneficial, especially if you want to revamp your entire home or office. Think of the time, money and effort you can save with our help.

Get in touch with Upholstery Los Angeles so that we can schedule an appointment. One of our Upholstery Los Angeles team members will be more than happy to speak with you about material choices and furniture design. You can ask as many questions as you want. We encourage our clients to be well-informed to make the best decision to fit their needs.


Doing do-it-yourself upholstery may seem like an option, but unless you’re super skilled, it’ll be very challenging to produce top-quality upholstered furniture pieces. Skill is not just your concern. You must also think about the cost of buying individual materials and the timeframe you need to have everything done; If the situation gets worse, you may even do more damage to your favorite chair, worsening its state than when you first started.

Letting us do the work means you’re certain you’ll get your money’s worth. We’ll use only the highest quality materials that we can find that you would otherwise not easily find on your own.

Upholstery Los Angeles offers a lifetime guarantee on all our projects. So if something goes awry, even if it’s just a minor issue, you can phone us, and we’ll do the repair for you for free forever.

We are the go-to upholstery Los Angeles service provider thanks to the years of experience and training we have.  You only need to tell us what you want, and we can lead the way.  So, save yourself a headache, frustration, and possibly, a broken wallet. Hire Upholstery Los Angeles to do your upholstery needs. If you’re in LA, the only name you can trust is Los Angeles Upholstery. Just ask our plateau of clients. They will be happy to share how our services increased the quality of their lives – and spaces.

Hiring our upholstery Los Angeles services takes the load off your hands, enabling you to devote more time to other important matters. Don’t wait another day to brighten up your space. Call us at 1-323-425-9090. Or send us an email at Design@LosAngelesUpholstery.com.

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